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that why he is there. because he had a friend, the initials according to affidavit by u.s. marshal whose parents had a cabin in the area. he headed there when he couldn't go to mexico and steal a boat in san diego. maybe the car broke down or broken axle up there and that is what abandoned him in the area. the good news, he doesn't have the stuff. only what is on his body. tried to steal a vehicle. he got accosted if you will or lit up by the fish and game wardens on highway billion. he bailed out of the vehicle and he has one or two weapons he is carrying with him. whatever ammunition on his back. he broke in unfamiliar cabin. it is not his. the time is on the task force side. they can wait him out and move in. run out of ammunition. it's in their favor as they try to close in on this guy later on. one thing i would add, lapd had a tough situation on their hands as they try to scale back the investigation if possible because they didn't know where he was. they had the cover bases here in l.a. with the protective detail. they couldn't abandon big bear. they hadn't found him yet. charlie
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)